Amplifi Mesh Router Kit + Additional Mesh Point HD's

  • Hi, I am looking at an installation in a large house where running any Cat5e or Cat6 cables to various rooms for hard wired APs is not possible due to the age, construction and size of the house. The house currently has a BT Home Hub 2 (UK). Only viable option is to use a mesh system such as Amplifi or a BT product.

    I am looking at the Amplifi Mesh Router kit and 2 additional Mesh Point HD points to give a total of 5 wi-fi APs including the Amplifi Router. Will this work okay and what is experience of system performance / stability / use of set up etc?

    Very grateful for all help and advice.

  • @edgeyboy The AmpliFi HD Kit should work brilliantly and I kind of regret flogging mine on eBay after buying the Alien. If you can afford paying little bit more, then I would recommend you buy the AmpliFi router by itself (standalone rather than the kit) and then add standalone mesh points one at a time depending on the coverage that you achieve at home. The whole kit should work as well but as the router and mesh points will all be hardcoded together, your meshpoints part of the kit can be rendered completely useless if you router dies as they will not be usable as standalone units. Furthermore, you will have much more flexibility in the future if you wish to add more routers to your main one. Overall, highly recommend these if you want to get excellent coverage and speed.

  • So, if the BT router stays in place but the wi-fi is turned off, can the first Amplifi Mesh HD AP be hard-wired to it via Cat5e / Cat6 then the remaining Amplifi Mesh HD Ap's be "meshed" off it? I wouldn't need to buy the Amplifi HD Router in that case as it would seem superfluous anyway as there is a perfectly good BT router in place?

  • @edgeyboy No, the mesh points cannot be hard wired as they do not have ethernet ports and can only be connected wirelessly. You would also definitely need the router as well to allow your whole setup to work as a true mesh system. It is recommended that you turn your BT router into a modem-only device and let the AmpliFi handle all the routing activities.

  • Your AmpliFi HD router would be the main staple in your house and from there you can add other devices to build your mesh network. These can be other AmpliFi HD routers (have to be standalone ones and not part of a kit), AmpliFi Instant routers or Mesh Points. The routers have ethernet ports whereas mesh points don't). Hope that makes sense.

  • Thanks for the replies guys. Much appreciated. If required, could a second router be placed in the home office and backwired by ethernet to the main router thus allowing ethernet to be used in the office?

  • @edgeyboy Yes you can certainly do that as long as the second router (acting as a mesh point) is a standalone one and not part of a kit. This can be either an AmpliFi HD router with 3 LAN ports and more powerful antenna or an Instant router with 1 LAN and a less powerful antenna.

  • @edgeyboy If I understand the topology correctly all you would need in the home office would be an inexpensive switch if all devices in the home office are wired ethernet.

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