High latency when gaming

  • tldr; latency/rubber banding when playing CoD simultaneously on different platforms. Port Fowarding fixed it temporarily. Now having latency issues when only 1 person playing. Need help.

    I have two Alien routers and the second setup as a mesh node. I've had this Amplifi Alien setup for about two weeks now. I previously had an Orbi setup, but my brother constantly complained about latency whenever playing his FPS games, while I didn't notice anything on my end playing an MMO. I recently jumped back on FPS (CoD:CW in this case) and noticed both our latency has gotten worse to an unplayable state. That's when we decided to try a new system.

    I originally had an issue with latency with the Alien setup, but at least an improvement over the Orbi. It somehow just got better a couple of days after setup. Then my next problem was to solve the moderate NAT. Port Forwarding did the trick and saw our "rubber banding" dramatically decrease to just occasional hiccups. Everything fine for about a few days at this point.

    I usually play during the day and everything is usually good. Then today I started seeing pretty bad latency again but I'm the only one playing. I've tried to reboot my console, reboot the routers and still have issues. I've contacted my ISP and asked if they were doing any maintenance in my area, but nope. Everything else in the house runs smooth. I could stream anything all simultaneously in the house while the security cams are up and no buffering. Issue is only when gaming FPS. I no longer rage when playing video games, but I did rage when my rubber banding came back.

    Anyone have any ideas on what else I could do?
    I would like to avoid running ethernet cables throughout the house.

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