VPN icon on, can’t see home devices, Speedtest uses a wrong network

  • Amplifi HD, using app. Connected via Xfinity access point. The VPN icon is on, but I can’t see my home devices, and Speedtest app connects to Xfinity not my network.

  • @G when you say "Connected via Xfinity access point" are you referring to an "Xfinity" public WiFi SSID, or do you mean that your WAN terminal adapter (cable modem) is provided by Comcast). If the latter, Id guess you might have BOTH the Comcast router and your AmpliFi HD set to be doing DHCP.

    Just a guess.

  • @jsrnephdoc It is connected via whatever network I am on at the time, not home network. When I posted the question I was on Xfinity access point. I just checked again while connected to T-mobile and now the Speedtest shows T-mobile even though I have the “VPN” icon in my status bar.

    My home network is on Comcast, so if VPN was indeed working, shouldn’t Speedtest be showing Comcast and not T-Mobile ?

  • @G , I'm far from a wizard when it comes to networking, but I speedtest.net will choose servers in part by the quality of your connection. I still wonder whether your home router and your AmpliFi device are BOTH doing DHCP.

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