Extra meshpoint with RJ45/lan?

  • Hi community,

    My knowledge is low on theese things, here is my case.

    My son plays a lot, especially PS4 but soon on a high end gaming PC.
    Today we have the Ubiquiti Amplifi HD - AC1750 / Mesh. I know that RJ45/lan is gennerally more stable and has generally a low ping.
    But is there a extra meshpoint with RJ45/Lan port which is more stable? Which one.
    I could go and add more lan cable, but his room is quite hard to reach.

    My connection today is 250mb down & 150mb/s upp.


  • @Björn-Nordgren Have you given thought to a trial of using a powerline adapter instead of adding another mesh point? These are not perfect in anyway but might end up working well for you in a place where it is hard to get an ethernet cable to. They are also more affordable.

  • @Björn-Nordgren said in Extra meshpoint with RJ45/lan?:

    I could go and add more lan cable, but his room is quite hard to reach.

    MY design-savvy architect son arranges the furniture and area rugs in HIS gorgeous new home so that the cat 5e cable in the 1000 foot run from his bedroom to the WAN entry point is largely (but not completely) hidden, giving HIS son the right to say that he's "pretty much done" with Fortnite.

    I have a single AmpliFi Alien (which does pretty well in my smaller rented home except for going offline at times), but I know that at least some people do very well with Ethernet backhaul, and some of THEM make it possible with PowerLine devices, but other users have nothing but trouble "borrowing" space on their in-home a/c wiring.

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