AmpliFi HD issues with IPV6 support

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    I have at home an Ubiquity mesh network composed of 02 AmpliFi HD and 02 AmpliFi Instant nodes. Everything was working fine when the mesh network was configured with IPV6 disabled. My ISP (cable provider) is now changing all cable modems to DOCSYS 3.1 and enabling IPV6 support on the cable modem by default. When I enable IPV6 on the "master" AmpliFi HD node I get the the following error: "some issues detected - diagnose". Going to the Diagnose panel, we can see that WAN link is "ok"; IP Adress is "OK" (both IPV4 and IPV6); Gateway Address is NOT OK (IPV4 only address appears configured but does not ping...); DNS Address and Internet Connection are NOT OK, with the following error in RED: "Please verify IPV6 configuration".

    On the AmpliFi HD app there is not much "IPV6 configuration" to do... And if I do a simple test: connecting my PC (vanilla Windows 10 Pro) back-to-back with the cable-modem on a single-node network, my PC gets the DHCP addresses (IPV4 and IPV6) and is able to navigate the Internet both IPV4 and IPV6 spaces.

    Any further information available on how to configure AmpliFi HD with support for IPV6?


  • also having this issue.

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