AmpliFi HD Relocation Mystery re Location Services

  • One week ago, I relocated my AmpliFi HD router and nine AmpliFi HD WiFi meshpoints from City A to City B. The router was and continues to be configured in bridge mode. The ISP in City A was Comcast. The ISP in current City B is Verizon. The only change I made to the configuration was the creation of a new SSID in City B. Everything came up fine in the new location and the AmpliFi app shows all is well.

    The mystery is that 1) an Apple iPhone connected to the new secured wifi network shows up via location services as being in city A! and 2) the bigger mystery is that my next door neighbor's Apple iPhone (in city B) also shows his location as City A. The network is secured and password protected and my neighbor does not have the password and would not have any interest in signing on to my network.

    Last, as a test, I powered off the Amplifi HD router and the locations for the iPhone switched to the correctly to the current City B. Then I powered back up the AmpliFi HD router and the location switched back to the original City A.

    I'm totally stumped and would appreciate any thoughts!

  • That’s has a very simple explanation - wifi geolocation

    Your wifi router was added to the location database while in city A. The database hasn’t picked up the change in the location of the router yet. Even you changed the SSID the MAC address is still the same. When you’re indoors signals from nearby wifi networks used for approximate your location. You don’t have to connect to the network. It will update with the correct location after a while

    You could see a similar effect when you your phone sees inflight wifi on planes. It might show your location in another city until it can receive good gps signal

  • @Timofey-K Thank you, this is very helpful and solves the mystery! One question: Who "owns" the database?

  • @dmaustin said in AmpliFi HD Relocation Mystery re Location Services:

    One question: Who "owns" the database?

    There are multiple providers but I believe Apple maintains their own for very long time

  • @Timofey-K thanks again for another very informative article - Dan

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