Reboot every 1 - 3 days after losing internet connectivity

  • Hi, I have an AmplifiHD with 2 mesh points. This router came with a rental property I just purchased.

    It loses connection to the internet every 1 - 4 days (usually 2 - 3), and requires a reboot to re-establish internet connectivity. I'm using a fiber connection (there is no cable modem). I called the ISP and they said everything looks good on their end.

    I have and use a Google Nest wifi router at my primary residence and it's been rock solid. I'm on the most current firmware version as well. Any idea what could be going on or why I require constant reboots?

  • @Nick-Reuter Hi, Nick.
    Please contact our support, attach the support file and we will help you to resolve your issue.
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