AmpliFi HD - 4 Nodes - Terrible latency (ping often over 1000ms)

  • I have an AmpliFi HD router plugged into my gateway router and firewall (Firewalla Gold, my Firewalla Gold is plugged directly into my WAN connection, the WAN connection with no intermediate modem, I have fiber to the side of my house and Cat 5e run throughout. I get Ethernet directly from the ISP box on the side of my house.

    My AmpliFi HD is setup with 4 nodes (two AmpliFi HD routers, one in mesh mode, one as the primary, and two wall-plug antennas) the whole setup is in Bridge Mode. I have 2.4GHz as my backhaul between the mesh points for improved range because the walls in my house seem to hinder 5GHz.

    My latency when wired is flawless, never above 5ms to ... however when I'm on WiFi with my AmpliFi HD it's often well over 1000ms which makes video conferencing absolutely useless.

    My AmpiFi HD setup:
    Latency example from my Samsung Galaxy S20:

    I have similar results from a Dell Latitude running Fedora linux and a Microsoft Surface Pro 6 running Win10.

    Please advise.

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