Reusing Mesh Points from Amplifi HD on a NEW Amplifi HD

  • My Amplif HD router is having issues and most likely will need to be replaced. It is out of warranty, so I will be buying a new one. I am wondering if I can:

    1. Buy just the router and use the old Mesh points from my first Amplifi HD kit with it OR
    2. Buy a new Amplifi HD kit, and use the two old mesh points from my original kit with it.

  • @Barry-Birchard afaik, mesh points in a kit are fixed to/work only with the router from the kit.

  • @Raghu-Kannan Well that is total crap! Why would they make these proprietary to a specific Router? Now I have not only a bad router but two totally useless Mesh points! So instead of paying $200 for a new router NOW I have to pay over $400 to get a whole new kit!
    Why would I want to even go back to this system again? Better off just buying a different mesh system that allows me to move the access points between systems.

  • @Barry-Birchard This is unfortunately an example of commercial obsolescence at work. Shame that it has spoiled what is otherwise a good product that is worth supporting.

  • @Barry-Birchard If you choose to stay with Amplifi, don't buy a kit. Buy separate parts that are not locked to a router. Amplifi has said in the past that the kits were to make it 'easy' for consumers. In retrospect, IMHO it was a mistake, and one that they continue to suffer from in the sense that it has put customers off staying with the product line. It's unfortunate that they have not come up with a way to 'unlock' the parts, but perhaps the engineering to do so is not worth the time. If I were in marketing, I'd suggest a rebate/discount program for those with failed parts from a kit, but that's up to Amplifi to recognize as a value add to those early adopters who bought in and are now SOL.

  • @Matthew-Leeds the thing about buying the parts individually is, the router is about $200, and each mesh point add on is about $200! So to get the router and two mesh points like the kit, it is about $600, instead of $450!

    They lure you in with the cheaper, competitive price, but don’t tell you the mesh points are proprietary to the individual router!

    Sure is making it hard for me to want to stay with these guys!

  • @Barry-Birchard Or purchase three AmpliFi Instant Routers and set two of them up as mesh points in bridge mode. That's about $300US. It's the approach I would take if I were starting from scratch. One additional advantage is that if the unit you're using as the main router fails you can just swap in one of the other Instant Routers. for one discussion that nicely lays out this approach.

    FYI, I did purchase a kit with HD and two mesh points and am keeping my fingers crossed nothing dies.

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