2 Bases (via Ethernet backhaul) vs standard base+2APs

  • I'm trying to decide between 2 base routers, or the pre-packaged base with 2 APs.

    I see that Ethernet Backhaul was added in an update, and it looks perfect for my setup. I already have an ethernet cable run from one end of my house to the other. So using 2 bases would give me full signal on both, and some spare ethernet ports on both ends as a bonus. Just wondering if there are any pitfalls, concerns with this setup... especially since it was an added feature.

    1. Is this still considered a "Mesh" network? Maybe that doesn't matter since it's wired, but I guess a wireless client moving from one base to the other would still benefit?
    2. Any software hiccups? Do the devices connected to the 2nd router still show up as separate devices? Do the QoS and Parental Control settings still work flawlessly?
    3. Does the display on the secondary router work the same? (Maybe it can't display bandwidth or something.)
    4. Any drawbacks at all?

    It looks like an upcoming product bundles 3 base routers in a single package, so I'm guessing this will be a fully supported configuration going forward. Just thought I'd check for any potential issues.


    1. Yes
    2. No, i have three base routers and see them in the app.
    3. Yes
    4. No, works perfect!

  • 2 bases is a good configuration when you have a use case like mine: Cable ingress (and primary router) is downstairs but we rarely go down there. We spend 99% of our time upstairs. The second router is in our family room, next to the kitchen. That is where we spend all of our time. The master bedroom is above the guest room where the primary router is, so for that room we pick up the downstairs signal.

    Most importantly the clients like notebooks, phones and tablets can roam around, picking up the other signals from the mesh antennas in other places in the house less covered by the 2 routers.

    Put a router where you need lots of coverage all the time and put an antenna where you need connectivity but bandwidth is less important. I have an antenna in the office. Computers and networking devices there are hardwired, but the antenna helps boost the signal to our wireless printer.

  • Thanks for the replies!

  • @john-fruehe but do you still have cable ingress upstairs as well?
    Asking, because you note that you would put a router (2 routers in your case) where 'you need coverage lots of time' and the mesh points where 'bandwidth is less important'.
    If the 2nd router isn't wired, there should be no difference in it's throughput or ability from the mesh points; it just adds the display and ethernet ports... ?


  • @daniel-osers said in 2 Bases (via Ethernet backhaul) vs standard base+2APs:

    If the 2nd router isn't wired, there should be no difference in it's throughput or ability from the mesh points

    The router has a bigger antenna which is likely to give you better coverage.

  • @heiko-van-den-berge my second router doesn't display the same data as the first one. the second router never updates the values on the screen for Total Mb or Speed.

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