WPA3 and 160MHZ

  • 2021 January feature please 🙂 Much needed!

  • And DFS...!?

  • I'm surprised they put so much into WiFi 6, but then totally left out all other modern standards...

    Thankfully, these only require a software update, so I hope we see them soon!

  • The Ubiquiti UniFi 6 Long-Range Access Point, which is estimated to finally ship in a few days, is showing "Wireless Security WPA3 - Supported With Upcoming Controller Versions"

    I would take that as a good sign they are making progress and could port it into the Alien...

  • I also forgot to mention for anyone keeping score...the U6-Long Range is also certified for 160 MHz channel widths (the FCC reports are under its original name SWX-U6PRO)

    Actually the U6-Mesh & U6-Extender also list 160 MHz channel widths on their tech specs as well
    The U6 In-Wall hasn't officially declared its spec yet
    The U6-Lite AP is still 80 MHz only, but probably doesn't have the CPU for supporting 160 MHz channels anyways

    So as of the 19th, in theory, Ubiquiti will be shipping 802.11ax with 160 channel widths and WPA3

    Hopefully the Alien will follow suit...

  • @Derek-Saville i hope this too... but we can only know that for sure if someone checks if the Wifi 6 IC is the same in the Alien and U6PRO, only then we know if it is possible 😉

  • Hi @dexx64 - that has been the ongoing debate since the Alien release and since Qualcomm continuously updates their internal platform spec's it is hard to keep track

    It was originally thought that the Alien SoC launched with the Networking Pro 1200 platform since it was the only close match at the time and the Alien spec originally stated only 12 simultaneous spatial streams

    Qualcomm later uprated the same chipset to the Networking Pro 1610 platform for 16 spatial streams and the Alien spec changed as well to match

    The Networking Pro 1610 is still the only Qualcomm ax chipset with 16 stream support, although now it is also certified for 6GHz WiFi-6E duty

    In either case, the NP1200 and NP1610 platforms are 160 MHz channel capable

    Since AmpliFi does not use reference designs, the question is what the radio front ends and the antennas are capable of

    AmpliFi have previously claimed the radios are 160 MHz capable along with the numerous 'working on it' statements, but I personally have doubted the complex 12 polarity stamped antenna...although I sincerely hope to be proven wrong

    With the Networking Pro 1610 platform being WiFi-6E capable, it also seems like they should be a relatively minor revision away from a 6E Alien model...still a lot of hard work for a non-reference design, but doable

    It has taken Ubiquiti a long time to get any 160 MHz ax AP to market, but if their shipping estimate holds, they should be finally turning the corner on 160 MHz + WPA3

  • @Derek-Saville watch out... your keyboard catches fire 😛 hehe, just kidding! you're right about the 160MHZ and WPA3 thing 😉 @UI-AmpliFi or someone else from the Amplifi team.. please confirm this is going to be added in a future firmware?? 🙂

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