Ethernet ports stopped working suddenly

  • I've sent the below info to, but I'm posting here in case anyone else can help me.

    I'm having a severe issue with my system. The configuration consists of 3 Amplifi HD routers and one mesh point. Two of the routers are set up as mesh points over ethernet backbone. This configuration has been running for a few years with no issue.

    However, today I noticed that my one computer that is directly wired to the main router over ethernet was not connected to the internet, so I switched it to wifi and it worked fine. I proceeded to open the Amplifi app and noticed that all 3 satellite mesh points were offline. I rebooted the main router and the wireless mesh point came back online but the others did not.

    I've rebooted several times, along with unplugging it fully to do a hard reset and still the same. The display on the main router indicates a signal on the ports that connected to the other routers and the PC. However the other two routers continue to appear offline, and the computer connected via ethernet still does not connect to the network, only over wifi.

  • @Ely-Miranda

    Hi Ely, I experienced the same thing on my network today. Did you get a resolution to your problem?

  • No. I didn't have the luxury of spending a lot of time on it. So, I bought a different mesh system.

  • Same with me. I had to go to work and couldn't keep troubleshooting. My two theories are IPv6 steering issue or my Unifi Protect DVR connected to my network messed it up.

  • My son changed some cabling last night trying to increase his speed on PlayStation. All is well.

  • I have the same problem! I install these professionally in homes and often use the mesh points utilising the ethernet backbone. No issues until this one site over the last few months where the main Amplifi HD router always working, but the hardwired AFI-INS-R connects perfectly for a few hours to a day then shows offline in the app. power cycling the mesh point fixes it but shows offline again within a day.. I finally replaced the mesh point today with a new one hoping it was a hardware fault, added it to the system, turned on ethernet back bone, worked well for about 4 hours. I can check the app remotely and checked it a few times after install and was online, about 4-5 hours later I checked again and it just shows offline with no connected clients.. so frustrating I have no idea what is causing it and I have tried 2 units! all other systems with this set up are fine.. this site has all the latest firmwares.. HELP!

  • I made the change to a Linksys Velop system. Their community forums show way less instances of critical issues reported. So far, so good.

  • @Ely-Miranda A quick search on Linksys Velop shows a few troubling security issues. I suggest you check that out, and updated to the latest firmware.

  • @Matthew-Leeds Thanks. I believe what you are referencing is from a couple of years ago. I'm on the latest FW and have changed the admin password from the default.

  • @Ely-Miranda Good to hear. Linksys has a history of short EOL support times for their products. Hopefully that will not be the case for the Velop product line.

  • @Matthew-Leeds Not too worried about that, seeing as I only got about 3 yrs from my Amplifi.

  • @Ely-Miranda I have a similar problem, setup is: Amplifi router + 2 mesh points. 3 switches Linksys unmanaged. Wifi works fine but if I plug in a device to any of the ports the internet crashes sometimes, other times the devices just wont show up in the app.

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