• Hello kind Support people. Once more asking when we might expect to be able to use the USB port. This is part of this expensive router that hs already been paid for but is totally unusable. This question has been asked before and I have yet to see an answer. Any one of you Support people should be able to have an answer. And I’m sure I’m not the only Customer listening.
    Thank you
    L A

  • @ubnt-gunars I posted this as a suggestion in the feature request forum 2-months ago and since then it's ranked #2 with 38 votes. Would be great for the AmpliFI team to take a position on it or put a timetable to it if at all possible. This functionality would be a major decision point for many would-be consumers as competitor mesh units don't yet offer. You're so close- make it work!

  • I think its also important to make sure the USB is not only usefull for a NAS / HDD.

    I think it should be used for backup LTE dongle.

    Thank goodness they put the power on the USB port. I currently use it to power my chrome cast audio device.

  • Is this available yet? Is there any reason you would sell a piece of hardware with a physical piece that is completely useless? Please let us know the ETA.

  • Yes, I guess there's no ETA or updates about this 👎

  • A USB port has multiple uses. I suspect, there are diagnostics and recovery options, which is why the Apple TV has a port that is not used otherwise.

    Personally I think using your router as a NAS point is a misuse of resources. It should be optimized for routing. There is a lot of overhead in disk serving and there are plenty of low cost solutions out there to do that.

    I would rather have the engineers focus on routing features like performance, better QoS features, improved management options, and configuration backup!

  • @harald-striepe totally agree. Let the router ROUTE. I’d rather it spend time doing more ROUTING functions like supporting IPv6 tunnel brokers for 6in4 than hearing complaints that you’re not getting your full 1000 Mbps throughput while someone is steaming a movie off a usb drive. It’s advertised as a mesh router. Not a NAS.

  • @Harald-Striepe & @Michael-Eckhoff:

    I agree with you for myself. I'd prefer a separation of these concerns. However, remember that this product is marketed to the general public who are unaware of these concerns. To the majority of them, they want it to "just work". And this is a fairly standard feature that many/most consumer routers support. As such, it's reasonable for the userbase to ask for such features, even if it comes at the expense of network throughput while the NAS is serving files. There's no technical reason it can't work - there are just tradeoffs to consider.

    Again, personally, I would never use it. That said, I have 5 active PCs in my home office at the moment with several servers downstairs. So my personal needs aren't representative of most.

  • @shane-milton Actually there have been hints of other IoT devices in a AmpliFi router stack. A TimeCapsule NAS attachment to replace the just discontinued Apple AirPort TimeCapsule would be a cool play in a small setting.
    Personally I use a Mac Mini with some 33TB of backups disks hanging off a USB3 controller plugged into the Thunderbolt port. It also does content caching for all Apple devices, iTunes/media serving, etc. Would not load a router with all of that. 😀

  • @shane-milton many other routers support usb disks. i’ve yet to see one (and i’ve tried several) that i would actually use. security, performance and reliability are all lacking in every implementation that i’ve seen. ubiquity is smart to stay away from this. better to have users begging for the non-existent feature than bitching about the feature that doesn’t work.

  • The Amplifi Protect kit may make use of the USB port?
    The Amplifi Vault in the kit also comes with with a USB port of its own.
    The AFVC manual indicates 1 TB HDD capacity, but I assume that is internal - maybe externally expandable too?

    Advertising inside the Teleport boxes states that Amplifi Protect is what to expect next, so I assume that is what they are primarily working on.

    Maybe the Vault could eventually be used as a NAS?
    It is at least a small step in that direction and opens the possibility...

  • Why you release a device that is half functional? Don’t think I heard such thing at other router providers. Everyone has printer or hdd support. Even the cheapest one.

  • @cosmin-chiriac my AmpliFI HD is completely functional. Everything that was advertised as a feature works like a charm.

  • @cosmin-chiriac Netgear's Orbi mesh router is one off the top of my head where its USB port isn't functioning yet to the best of my knowledge. I'm sure other examples can be found elsewhere as well. Regardless, when I was researching Amplifi HD reviews before I purchased it, every review I recall reading mentioned the fact the USB port wasn't functional yet.

    With that said, I think Amplifi could do better job providing complete technical specifications on the main website for their systems where they could include a note stating the USB port is "reserved for future use" ( read: not functional yet ) as it states in the product's user guide.

  • I don't personally have a need for a USB HDD/NAS feature (although I could see an occasional benefit when used with Teleport), but I think some of the frustration & disappointment comes from:

    1. as stated above, the product spec originally listed the USB port without mentioning its use
    2. early online reviews suggested a use for the USB port was being worked on
    3. early communication from AmpliFi support was confusing indicating that the USB port would be active at some point
    4. Ubiquiti EdgeRouters have a usable USB port
    5. the standalone Teleport manual advertises Amplifi Protect as coming next
      5b. Amplifi Protect allegedly may have modules that include an HDD and...another USB port
      5c. and those alleged modules look very similar to what AmpliFi teases in their own Data Sheet:

  • @thiago-vinhas Same here. I'd rather they take their time and test things vs have some half functional product or feature released.

  • Is this dead and not gonna happen or is the dataport in fact active on the USB UI port.? 6 months since last post and it looks concerning as no related to this company wanna clarify.

    I finally thought I have found my new router, (for a small 90m2 appartment here in inner Copenhagen Denmark I just need the router and not the mesh system and I love the touch info screen and the overall design, looks very solid)
    But I'm starting to doubt it and if it makes sense to pick it up atm.
    Not cheap here 200 USD for just the Amplfifi HD router and quite a bit more then the 130USD in the states atm but sure that's taxing and the overall cause of financing the rest of the EU sect.
    *Its quite a old product as I can see.. something like back in 2016 release and even older then Google wifi.
    Its seems to be one of the only on the market with as little as 128mb while alternatives usually have 512mb
    It doesn't look to even have MU_MIMO support even though the Qualcomm chip should support it and its only Single user MIMO (SU)
    and now' I also reckon one of the biggest advantages that not many of the other routers has, in regards to a USB socket, are in fact not valid, but only a gimmick there will be activated later.. but hopefully this late in the process and more than 2 years since release' its been activated??
    If not' then it's not gonna happen and this firm has taken their sale income and moved on to other newer products and will take the china-mentality of backbone bending and not look back.
    Aer thee any new revisions of the Amplifi HD in play since release that has changed the picture?

  • @jakob-schmidt-rasmussen if the chip supports mu-mimo that's crazy they haven't enabled it yet.

  • @papa-furr Thank you for your suggestion! I will add it to the list of feature requests for future consideration.

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