• UMMM... are you kidding me! I just spent nearly $400 on the gamer system as saw it had USB as an option. Now I have it fully installed and have to ridiculously search the internet to find that you have not activated it? TURN IT ON! Or you could find yourself in trouble for false advertising. Happy to tell Amazon your machine is not as advertised. Maybe they should just pull it from the store.

  • @eric-pfeifer I am sorry you are disappointed in your Gamer's Edition. Can you please supply me with the link to the amazon listing that informed you it had a live USB option?

    AmpliFi Store is our direct account on Amazon and the only mention of the USB port is from the Customer Question and Answer section, in which we answered that no it was not active on the Gamer's Edition.

    If another seller has it listed that way I will reach out and take the appropriate action to get their listing corrected.

  • @eric-pfeifer actually what you just said is that you saw a USB port and assumed it was usable , the can't get "in trouble for false advertising" since when I bought my HD kit I never saw any advertising for the USB port working.
    Then again my retailer was in Australia and a PC shop.

  • Hi @ubnt-brett - the Gamer's Edition Quick Start Guide indicates the USB Port is "Reserved for future use."
    While I think most forum members by now will be keenly aware that the USB port will never be active or utilized, these types of references may cause confusion or wishful thinking.

  • @ubnt-brett I understand where AMPLIFI wanted to save on the tooling costs and not modify the "mold" BUT it's pretty deceptive to include a USB port when there is ZERO intention of it ever coming to fruition.

    Just think of the thousands of support phone calls/e-mails and customer ill-will which could have been avoided! BTW: "Reserved for future use" implies that it's coming... "Reserved" OR "For Factory use, ONLY" is a more appropriate descriptor.

  • @UBNT-Brett there is literally a picture on amazon of the back of the unit. seriously. not that hard. that is false advertising.

    0_1548172182160_Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 9.22.17 AM.png

  • @edward-dolezal why would we need an advertisement for it saying "its working". Why would anyone include a picture of something and then have to explain every piece of it to say... "sorry we know we have it in there but it really doesn't work". It would be like me buying a new car that shows a turbo under the hood only to find out they didn't hook it up.

  • @eric-pfeifer because then people wouldn't complain about an issue they could have read about before posting which has a few threads already, which people don't bother to research before purchasing.

    Yet not once did I see an advertisement any where saying the USB port is even active functional or its intended purpose, to state it's false advertising is actually simply not true the reserved for future use is a manual.

    On the Asus repeater I had the USB port was explicitly advertised as being for the torrent download feature as well as the Nas capabilities of the box.

    A simple fix is that you can upvote the requests for the USB port to be active and also state that you want it enabled too like the rest of us, because with enough requests the dev team will most likely enable it.

    Your car analogy doesn't make sense, car manufacturers like to advise all the bell's and whistles like power steering and Bluetooth audio they won't add something to a car that would not sell it, but going by your logic CPU manufacturers do actually sell CPUs with disabled cores as a different model but does anyone complain no, so your argument is invalid, because no one goes my CPU insert model here is actually a, but they should have turn on the cores.

    Also were talking about a router no where in that ad does it say USB port is live can be used for X y and z, please point out where it says that otherwise you are just being immature and a troll.

  • @eric-pfeifer just because it has a USB port doesn't make it false advertising, you do realise that the USB port could be for debug purposes or recovery, you simply intended to carry on with a false statement, wasting everyone's time, my suggestion is to let it go, because if you have any idea about electronics or routers, you would see that the unit is probably not powerful enough to run a Nas from it.

    Learn to ask first before and how to search the form before making wild accusations.

  • How is it false advertising? Is the port not actually there? I can think of a few devices that have ports not intended for consumer use. And those devices clearly show the port in product shots.

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