Question regarding missing device icons.

  • I have a few network devices that the Amplifi App does not have proper icons for (Ring Video Doorbell 3, SeeMeCNC Artemis 300 3D Printer, HP OfficeJet Pro 9015, U-tec Ultraloq Bridge [Smart Lock Wifi Bridge], QNAP TVS-EC1080+ NAS). I reported these missing icons a while back using the Amplifi App, but have yet to see any of these icons be added. I contacted but was told they don't have any info on the process of when icons are added and to make a post on the community forum. I'm hoping a dev can clear this up for me and let me know about how long it should take for new icons to be added if they ever will.


  • I have almost 50 client devices on my network. I have all but about 4 of the correct device icons. I submitted the missing icon request for those 4 devices almost a year ago and they have not added them since. I got the PlayStation 5 recently and the icon was missing for it too, but it showed up a few days later, so I know they are adding new icons, but apparently only for very popular devices like the new PS5. I have a feeling our missing icon submissions are basically meaningless and won't do anything unless it's a very popular device. I've kind of given up on them ever adding the missing icons for the 4 devices I have.

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