Are AmpliFi HD Routers/MeshPoints impacted by AMNESIA:33 - Security Concern

  • I recently read several articles about a new set of vulnerabilities nicknamed AMNESIA:33 and is based on the use of one of many Open Source network or TCP/IP stacks. ZDNET has a good article that goes into detail on this. The alert mentioned that any “smart home” devices can be affected including routers, thermostats, and switches. Since I use Amplifi for any networks I setup, and since these routers are my last line of defense before my internet gateway, I have some concerns and worries.

    To help keep my network secure, I am checking to see if the Amplifi HD or Instant routers include any of the impacted libraries within the firmware.

    Is anyone aware of this vulnerability and if the HD (or any other router) use the impacted libraries?

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