Continuous Rebooting

  • TLDR: Last night my Alien started continually rebooting. It was bad. the CPU was at 100% as was the memory. The fan was working. I ended up resetting to factory and starting over.

    Save for the WiFi calling issue, my Alien has been working pretty good. I have 44 devices connected. This includes light switches, Nest devices, one WiFi camera, HomeBridge, and Home Assistant, and a PiHole among other things. I have a metal roof on my house so I rely on WiFi calling and WiFi internet access. I work from home as well so the phone working in the house is very important.

    In any case, yesterday I installed a power meter to measure energy usage for the house. Eyedro sells a $99 unit that uses ethernet. I am using an old Apple Airport Express to connect the device to the rest of the network. In any case I had a temporary setup and it was working well for several days. Last night I was setting up a more permanent setup and when I was finished the Alien started continually rebooting. I tried everything. Including changing where it was plugged in. Eventually I went to bed with the hope it would fix itself. I woke to an angry girlfriend who could not get a hold of me. In desperation I ended up resetting to factory and starting over. Now the CPU is at 10% and the memory is at 40%.

  • @David-Verch Hello, David. Please contact our support and attach a support file. This way we will quickly understand what is the issue with your device and help to resolve it.
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