Dropping connection with AX201

  • [As a beta user for the Amplifi HD I posted this in the beta Troubleshoot forum, but (a) there have not been any posts for a few months and (b) I am not really sure if there still is a beta program, so apologies for this double post]
    I recently got a new Dell laptop equipped with an Intel AX201 WiFi 6 card. The problem is that, when connected to the mesh WiFi, the connection gets interrupted. First I experience connections that are no longer responsive, then Windows reports the WiFi als 'connected, no internet'. In the eventlog it says that the card is no longer functioning correctly. I can get the connection working again by (most of the times) disconnecting/reconnecting or (sometimes necessary) disabling/re-enabling WiFi.
    I am using the latest drivers, the WiFi card has already been replaced and the problem is not reproducible on other WiFi networks.
    As said: the eventlog does not show much usable information and I don't know if and how I can reach logging from the Mesh accesspoints. What to do?

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