PLEASE let us disable DHCP!

  • I grow ever more dissatisfied with my Amplifi Gamer's Edition router - not because of its performance, but because of what services I can or cannot enable or disable.

    I'd already made a suggestion that the DHCP clients be given the DNS servers defined and not the router's IP, which has gone nowhere. Now, in an attempt to have more visibility into the DNS requests the clients make, I want to use an alternate DHCP server and not the Amplifi's, but it turns out that I CANNOT disable DHCP unless I put the Amplifi in bridge mode, which adds an extra level of complexity I want to avoid.

    Literally every other router I've ever used has allowed me to disable DHCP independently of any other feature; I expect no less from the Amplifi device, but I'm sorely disappointed.

  • I concur.

    Cannot disable DHCP (without bridging).
    Cannot set Router IP (defaults to first IP in DHCP scope).

    For the money spent, this has been a huge disappointment.

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