Speedtest doesn‘t match the connection speed

  • I‘ve a gigabit connection. When I run a test on the AppleTV 4K which is connected to the Alien over LAN, I got connection speed about 800-950Mbps. But on the Alien every time a speed of 300-350Mbps is shown. What’s going wrong here?

  • @Marcus-Gehring Not sure I'm following you. Is there an interface for running Speedtest ON the Apple TV itself (I have one, I've just not looked for the app, if it exists.

    Is your Apple TV also capable of connecting to the Alien by WiFi (I think not, but just checking). Is the Apple TV ethernet cable plugged directly in to the Alien?

  • @jsrnephdoc my ATV4K is actually connected over LAN to the Alien (WiFi is also possible but not with a 1Gbps connection). If I‘m running the Speedtest App of this Website https://www.speedtest.net/ on the ATV4K I got a result over 800Mbps. If I‘m using my iPhone 12 Pro Max I also got results over 600Mbps but the Speedtest on the onscreen display only shows less than 300Mbps.

  • @Marcus-Gehring I didn't realize that there's a browser that runs on the AppleTV 4K. What do you use for character input; e.g., for Navigation to URLs, or simply text input? Surely not that Quixotic Apple remote?!

  • @jsrnephdoc as written above, I‘m using the APP of this Website. I‘ve installed the APP on the ATV4K and running the Speedtest on the APP

  • @Marcus-Gehring Ignore @jsrnephdoc. They don’t understand.

    I’m having the same issue. If you run the test in the app, you’ll see that the test drops to 0 mbps midway through both the download and upload tests. Then the results you get are your ISP speeds almost exactly divided in half. However if you run speed test via browser on mobile or desktop (on in your case AppleTV), the speed tests run correctly and show full bandwidth.

    My suspicion is that this is on Amplifi’s end. One of their servers must be down.

  • @TropicAxis-Team I think it‘s more about the Test Servers. I‘ve a 900MBps result on another speedtest when I got from AMPLIFI a >250MBps

  • @TropicAxis-Team I wish I could make an informed comment. When my Alien was connected, at times a speedtest.net run from my iOS AmpliFi app, from within my ISP's website, or from the LED screen on the Alien's front panel would all yield consistent and predicted results.

    There were a few days when I could not run the test through my ISP's servers at all (or if I could, the OOKLA software couldn't find a server through which to run the test closer than 400 miles away, whereas my ISP has servers only 30 miles away. My ISP (Spectrum) would tell me there was "nothing wrong" with their status but admit that it was possible my speedtest requests were routed through more distant servers for load balancing of requests.

    However, I've never seen reproducible sudden drops to zero either in the download or upload portions of the test. For now, my AmpliFi Alien is sitting unplugged on my entertainment cabinet where it will remain until the next firmware release is available, because the explanation for my own issue that resonates with me is that it may be caused by a bug in my Arris Surfboard 6190's Intel Puma6 chipset, but I don't want to purchase a new cable modem until one of two things happens

    • I see the same issue occur in my current configuration (using my resurrected Apple 802.11ac 3 TB internal drive "Time Capsule")

    • The new Alien Firmware is released, but the problem still occurs when I begin using the Alien again.

  • @Marcus-Gehring AMPLIFI has admitted their app speed test is totally flawed...yea agree then why have it and if you rollout a sh#t feature. If your SPEEDTEST.net shows high speed which I assume is hardwired you are getting that speed. Hey amplfi please take note your product is never mentioned in any magazines or public news...why because your competitors listen to their customers and produce features that actually work...please get busy in 2021 and make the product better. You can own this market but your failures are preventing it!

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