What’s mesh good for?!!

  • So, I live in this studio about 1900 sq. I have my GE as follows:

    Mesh #1 <——> Router <——> Mesh #2

    Mesh points are about couple of hundred feet away from router. There is no wall or anything between them.

    Mesh #1 is the busiest one - meaning about 9 devices (3 security cameras, ecobee, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Logitech Harmony, iPad Pro, iPhone and etc). Router has about 4 devices connected (MacBook Air, ASUS laptop, HP Printer, 2 Dyson air purifier, my doggo’s pet net feeder, etc). Mesh #2 has 1 device connected (Dyson humidifier).

    Now ... I factory reset my iPad Pro and Apple TV 4K. They get busy downloading bunch apps (Apple TV about 12 apps / games total size around 10GB) - (iPad Pro about 50 apps / games total size around 30GB).

    It takes them hours to complete this! All other devices connected the same Mesh #1 have no issue. Cameras work fine in both live and recording mode. Samsung TV streams Netflix 4K contents fine etc etc.

    I have to restart my Apple TV and iPad Pro a few times so they can finish downloading!

    This has been an ongoing issue since my first router from AmpliFi original router and mesh!

    So, what’s going on? Can this technology (which I would like to think it never got much attention) is useless? Why does it not have a load balancing and send some devices to another mesh or maybe even router itself?

    I am just wondering if for those rich people with multiple floors these things (not just AmpliFi products) are useful.

    I know AmpliFi engineers are not too happy the way Apple configures their networking chips so I leave everything as default. As a 20+ year IT guy, I cannot believe I stopped playing with those “Advanced” features. Actually, I did but my Apple Watch and Apple TV kept losing connection like once every day!

    So, any comment? I like to learn. I know I could google it but then google would send me router’s Ads!!

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