"Slow" Download Speeds with Amplifi HD and Fios Gigabit connection

  • When using the Amplifi app to test the performance of my Amplifi HD + Fios Gigabit connection, my download speed is only 210 Mbps.

    The Amplifi HD is connected directly to the Fios ONT by ethernet cable
    Ethernet cable is cat8
    Hardware NAT is enabled.

    I've unplugged the ONT and rebooted the modem a couple of times. I've called Verizon and the 'adjusted' the settings, whatever that means.

    Any thoughts why my speed isn't higher or what else I can do?

    Incidentally, I upgraded from the 400 Mbs fios, where my tests would score in 190-200 Mbs range.


  • @Jamie-Penkethman on what device are you running the AmpliFi app? How far is it from the router (I'm assuming it's a wireless connection).

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