FW 3.4.3 appears to have broken Xbox online chat when hardware NAT is turned on.

  • Chat will time out and/or error out with Hardware NAT on.

    Turn Hardware NAT off, everything works as it should (you can also turn Hardware NAT back ON after the chat connection is established).

    Please fix.

  • I rolled back to 3.4.2 and the Xbox issue still persists. Unfortunately I had taken a few months off from gaming and have updated a few firmware levels - so I don't remember the last version I was on when everything was working 😞

    On an aside - and quite ironically - I just sucked it up and decided to keep hardware NAT off. Funny enough, everything I have hard wired is still able to pull close to 1gbps (900+) so if I don't "need" hardware NAT on anymore to achieve 1gbps then maybe I should just leave well enough alone.

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