Can you use Alien Tri-Band Gigabit Router as Mesh Point ?

  • I see that the Alien Tri-Band Gigabit Router is now available (AFI-ALN-R). I also see that a kit is available with a router and mesh point. What i don't see is meshpoints sold individually. so it does not appear possible to buy one router and 2 or more meshpoints.

    So my question is - can i use one kit and then add an additional mesh point by using a second router?

    Amplifi HD routers can be configured this way. But before purchasing would like to know if the Alien Tri-band can be configured the same way.

    any help, much appreciated. thanks!

  • @shaboyi I don't know all the details; I'm told that you cannot buy the second Alien at a discount if you don't get the kit, AND I'm told that second unit cannot be paired with a different Alien, but that if you pay full price for the first and buy a second, also at full price you can configure them as a mesh network with Wi-Fi or Ethernet backhaul (RAMP, or Router as Mesh Point). You can also add a third router to the three in a kit.

  • @jsrnephdoc is correct. You cannot purchase the separate Alien mesh unit by itself. In order to get the Alien mesh unit you have to purchase the bundle pack. The problem with that is that they're locked to each other. However, you can purchase another full Alien router and use it as a mesh point with another full Alien router. The good thing about this is that they're not locked to each other, but as was mentioned above, it's more expensive.

  • thanks everyone for the info. So i have another question. the stand-alone Alien's don't seem to be available right now (they sold out quick), but i can get the kits. this apartment is very big. so i believe i could have used 5 of the stand-alone ones - configured as combination of Router, a backhaul and extenders (just like the Amplifi HD's can be configured)

    but with only the kits available, can i use 3 kits in this configuration:

    1. One kit as router and its dedicated meshpoint
    2. One kit linked to the router as Ethernet backtalk (visible from the router one) with its dedicated meshpoint
    3. and the third kit as an extender off the main router unit, also with its dedicated meshpoint

    in other words, the three main Alien's would be configured as if they were stand-alone units in combination as backhaul and extender, (the 'extender' full Alien unit would appear as a meshpoint to the main router ) and then each main unit paired to it's dedicated meshpoint.

    would that work? thanks in advance!!

  • Hi @shaboyi - kits cannot be combined into a single meshed network

    Only one kit is allowed per mesh and the router from the kit must always be the primary router of the mesh

    As discussed above, the you can add additional standalone routers as mesh points (RAMPs)

    And kits are not highly regarded because they are hardware locked, so if the kit router fails, the MeshPoint is completely useless (it cannot be combined with another router), so just keep that in mind when considering the purchase of a kit

  • You can use one "kit" and additional "Routers"as mesh nodes. Owning both, I wish I had simply purchased "Routers" and formed my Mesh network with those. I like the LED and 4 Ethernet Ports.

    So, in summary, if you need three Mesh Points, you will need either;
    1 Kit and 1 separate Router
    3 Routers

    Great product, you will love it.

  • the best option is to buy the single unit in my opinion. im aware of the $60 price difference, but id rather have 2 routers that can function together, or individually, as opposed to a router, & a dummy mesh unit that cannot function without its parent router. for the extra $60 , its a better buy, plus you can try out the single router stand alone first, to see if its sufficient by itself. my home is 2 floors & 4 bedrooms, i get service all over the house, & all the way down to my mailbox. if i didnt get coverage like i do, id still be happy i chose the single unit, as having 2 smart routers for $70 extra is a smarter buy than a smart router & a dummy mesh bound to it for a tiny savings.

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