AmpliFi HD Router in bridged mode broke my working IPv6 network

  • Re: Issue with IPv6 Stateful Autoconfiguration & DHCPv6 in Bridge Mode

    I am also experiencing this issue.

    Old setup:

    • OpenBSD router (PCEngines APU2) with 1 outside / 3 inside interfaces, DHCPv6 with prefix delegation — a /64 per inside interface — using dhcpcd and SLAAC
    • Apple Time Capsule attached to inside interface #1, in bridged mode
    • laptops / phones / etc on Apple wifi AP would all get IPv6 addresses
    • DMZ attached to inside interface #2 with a server — IPv6 works here too

    New setup is same as above, except replaced the Apple Time Capsule with AmpliFi HD Router in in bridged mode with IPv6 enabled. My devices attached to WiFi don't get IPv6 addresses. The server in my DMZ network can still talk IPv6 just fine. AmpliFi HD router firmware is up to date.

    This is pretty disappointing, to put it mildly.

  • Same here. AmpliFI IPV6 support is appalling.

  • I have a similar experience. AmpliFi HD in bridge mode fails to assign IPv6 DNS addresses to clients. (But I do get an IPv6 IP address)

  • Hey, thanks for sharing your experiences. It sucks that things don't work for you either, but it also makes me somewhat relieved that it probably wasn't just me missing something important.

    This AmpliFi device had the fastest purchase-to-electronics-recycler lifetime of any computer/network hardware I have ever purchased in my life. Absolute worthless trash. I have replaced it with an AP that actually works.

  • I've been banging my head against similar IPv6 issues.

    This device is SO IMPRESSIVE until you actually start digging in under the hood. I've retracted a bunch of endorsements I made of this product. There's so many configuration screens that only show IP addresses in the IPv4 context. Like how do you designate an external resolver using IPv6?

    I'm selling this... to someone who knows or cares absolutely nothing about IPv6 (someone feels about IPv6 like the Ubiquiti PM for this thing)

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