Automatic scheduling WiFi off and on (night mode)

  • There is a topic in BETA forums, but maybe it is OK to publish also here?
    I would like option to schedule shutting down all radio signals, all wifi, in some period, let's say during night when I do not use wi-fi and I do not need it. Wired connections should work as usual, but wifi would be turned off.

    Something like: Night mode, turn all radio off, wired connections on or off.

    Is this possible to have as a feature in some of the next firmware releases?

  • To add to this, it would be awesome if we could control the internet using schedules based on groups (or on a per-user basis).

    Even better, if we could allow user-defined whitelists, so that during scheduled timeframes, certain users are only able to access certain websites. This would be great for privacy during the night, but also good for families, who want to allow kids to only access sites that are necessary for homework during the evening hours.

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