Manual selecting wifi bands on mesh points

  • I have used 2 Amplify HD in mesh and upgraded to 2 Wifi6 devices this year. The Alien was not available at that moment so I diverted to the Linksys MX5. Unfortunately the Linksys (2 devices in mesh with cable backbone) were not stable and causing a lot of wifi drops and crashes.

    I had to replaced them and decided to do this with 2 Alien routers now that they are available in Europe. Installed them today and very happy with the quality of the devices. Stability is too early to call but I hope I am not being surprised with crashes and wifi drops during operation.

    As a feautere request I want the ability to manually set the wifi channels on all connected routers/accespoint/meshpoints.

    At the moment the app only allows you to set the channels on the primary router and not on the meshpoints. It would be very handy if I could set the channels. I am living in a crowded area with lots of wifi points within range and I manually want to select the best performing channels.
    I also relate the wifi drops to channels switching on the Linksys routers, do not know for sure because the Linksys do not provide any useful logging information.

    So please add the feature to be able to set the wifi channels on all connected amplify devices (if they are capable so the routers in my case)

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