Please Require Router Password

  • Please add the requirement to enter the router (not WiFi) password when using the iOS app, so that it can be used on a shared computer without worrying about accidental or deliberate changes to the system configuration. Thanks.

  • @frank-smith Hi Frank, I think this is already how it works. When you set up the router, it asks you for the security password. If you leave it blank, it will be the same as your Wi-Fi password.

  • @Frank-Smith, you can change your administrative password using the iOS app by going into router settings and then tapping "General" -> "Change Password".

    When first setting up AmpliFi system, user has an option to select administrative password that is different from WiFi password.

  • Re: the above two posts. I do understand that I can make the admin password different from the router password, and that I can easily change it. What I am asking for is a change to the app that REQUIRES the admin password be entered to access the functionality of the app, so that casual use of the app by someone else on a family-wide tablet cannot accidentally make changes to the system. I think that a setting in the app to "remember this password" for the admin password would be good security.

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