AmpliFi HD build in Ad blocker blocks Fitbit app Clock and Apps connections

  • The Ad blocker built into AmpliFi HD blocks the Fitbit app from being able to access the Clocks and Apps sections of the app. There should be a way to manage the Ad blocker list locally to add/remote sites that are found to be blocked.

    To recreate:
    1 - turn on Ad blocker in amplifi.lan web page settings
    0_1608575006093_1_amplifi hd adblock turned on.jpg
    2 - start Fitbit app and select the watch and the click on the Clocks tile
    0_1608575363724_2 - Fitbit app select Clocks or Apps.png
    3 - Clicking Clocks or Apps results in Fitbit complaining no connection to internet
    0_1608575392975_3 - Fitbit Oops No Internet.jpg

    1 - Go into amplifi.lan web page and turn off the Ad blocker and click Save & Continue.
    0_1608575533998_4 - amplifi hd adblock turned off.jpg
    2 - Return to the Fitbit mobile app and click on the Clocks or Apps tile and the items show successfully.
    0_1608575658075_5 - Fitbit Clocks functions.png

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