Where is Amplifi Instant Mesh???

  • The mesh box (for the amplifi instant) is not longer on the website. I just convinced a LOT of customers to buy the Amplifi Instant because they could also get the second mesh point if they needed it, and now it is gone from the website. What gives?

  • @Chrislund Hello.
    Here are the links for AmpliFi Instant- AmpliFi Instant System and AmpliFi Instant Router

  • @UI-AmpliFi really?????
    THAT is your reply?

    THE MESH BOX. THE EXTRA MESH POINT. THE SECOND BOX. THE ADDITIONAL BOX. Whatever you want to call it. I have plenty of amplifi instants, and plenty of amplifi instant SYSTEMS.
    What is no longer on the website is the ability to purchase a stand-alone mesh point
    You have one for the HD system the tall skinny one and you used to have one for the amplifi instant but it is no longer there

  • You have one for the HD system the tall skinny one and you used to have one for the amplifi instant but it is no longer there

    Hi @Chrislund - the Instant MeshPoint (available with the purchase of an Instant System) has never been available for sale as a standalone unit

    They cannot be sold standalone since they are hard coded to the Instant Router in the paired System

    You can purchase an additional standalone Instant Router and install it as mesh point

    The only standalone mesh point model ever sold by AmpliFi are the MeshPoint HD sticks (v1 & v2)

  • I am pretty sure that I saw it at one time on the website, but if not, I apologize. So, that brings a follow up question... if my clients bought the stand-alone Amplifi Instant, can i use the Amplifi HD stick as a mesh point?

  • Hi @Chrislund - you have 3 options for adding an additional mesh point:

    • Standalone Instant Router
    • Standalone MeshPoint HD
    • Standalone HD Router

    Using an Instant Router is typically the cheapest option, has an Ethernet port available, and provides some redundancy if the main router fails.

    Using a MeshPoint HD is a little more expensive, in theory has a better antenna, is limited to wall socket location placement, does not provide an Ethernet port, and does not provide redundancy

    Using an HD Router is the most expensive option, but has all of the advantages (better antenna, faster processor, Ethernet ports, redundancy, etc.)

    Note: if your client currently has a standalone Instant Router (NOT an Instant Mesh System), and if they choose the extra expense of the HD Router option, they can swap them, installing the HD Router as the primary router for better primary coverage and then repurposing the Instant Router as the additional mesh point

  • @Derek-Saville good yo know.. Thank you

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