Phillips Hue Bridge taking down network?

  • Anyone seen anything like this before?

    Over the past few weeks (was fine for over a month previously) my AmpliFi network seems to go offline (IPv4 error) randomly, and the only way to resolve it seems to be by taking my Phillips Hue Bridge (connected to AmpliFi HD router via ethernet) offline/unplugging it.

    I’m using DHCP across the network with no Static IPs set on anything.

    Current set up is:

    Virgin Media Hitron Router as modem, with WiFi off, connected to AmpliFi HD router.

    2 wireless mesh points that came with the AmpliFi HD and also another 2 AmpliFi Instant routers, acting as mesh points which connect via ethernet to my Main Sky Q box and Sky Q mini box (Sky Q does not play well with AmpliFi networks and WiFi). Wifi is off on both Sky Q boxes.

    Now I only added these 2 AmpliFi instant routers recently, and it seems to big a coincidence that this began happening the same day I implemented them into the network.

    Screenshot of error is attached (DNS set to as recommended by AmpliFi support) and everything is up to date.

    Any ideas?

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