Soon to be new Alien Owner

  • Hello all, I just recently purchased an Alien to replace my Linksys EA9300 which has been suffering from slowdowns and drops. I only have a few AX devices at the moment but wanted something future proof. Was also considering the Asus AX11000 but opted for this one as everything I read seemed to imply it was more stable. It’s going into. 2000sqft ranch style home with plaster walls. My one Linksys was enough to push pretty good signal throughout the house, I’m hoping the Alien will as well.

  • I’ve had mine running for awhile and it’s been solid with no dropouts or Wi-Fi issues. It should easily cover 2000 sq. ft. for you. I haven’t messed with it much at all, it just runs every day like it should and that’s worth it’s price.
    40 devices connected both wired and wireless. iPhones iPads Rokus printers cameras TVs thermostat windows it all connects and works great. One of the better routers I’ve owned and that list is really long.

  • After mine did an upgrade recently (and I did just get it) Its been solid. It reaches further and more stable than my previous asus. setup was easy (but you do have to pretty much do everything through a phone which sucks), but once its set up its pretty nice. Note you cant seem to VPN from a pc, only from a phone.

  • Looks like my Alien gets delivered tomorrow. Looking forward to getting it set up

  • I wouldn't run an Asus if they gave me one after my last experience with the garbage they are marketing as routers and their worse support and customer service. My Aliens however, have delivered solid, reliable and consistent performance since the day they were installed. 650-750+Mbps most times depending on time of day (I'm in a congested area). It did take a while to get it dialed in performance wise, but I'm there.
    I'm now just waiting to see what happens with 160Mhz, WEP3 and so on, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product. Best I have ever seen since WiFi came out.

    I would like to see a 2.5Gb Ethernet WAN Port
    160Mhz WiFi (AX)
    WEP3 Security
    Better Speed Test (it reports about half of the actual speed) and has rarely if ever reported anything near 1gb, or 940Mbps, while my connection via UDMP is 1.2Gbps and tests that way (finally, consistently).

    All in all I love the product.

  • So after one day of use I’m trying not to be discouraged or to judge the router unfairly. My 2.4 band seems to have similar coverage to my old router, however the 5ghz coverage is less. I was expecting similar or better based on the reviews I’ve seen online. I’ve tried to follow recommendations I’ve seen here and will continue to fiddle with it as much as I can to hopefully improve the coverage.

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