Web interface.

  • One more question,... is the web interface to these really as bad as it seems or am I missing something? This may be the worst user interface Ive ever seen. It seems they expect you to do everything from an iphone or something, which some of us dont care to do. Hopefully Im just missing a secret menu somewhere that actually has useful information and the ability to do things.

  • mxqusattro, not that I'm qualified to answer, but perhaps you'd get a few quick responses if you provided a list of the few things you think are difficult to accomplish now.

  • Fair enough. And reading over my original email shows my frustration 🙂 Heres a quick list of things I cant seem to do via the web interface.
    -Set up the device or change settings such as device name, or maintenance items
    -I cant change its address, or dns (or any of its addresses)
    -Cant manage any of the SSID information or configuration
    -Cant manage any DHCP information or static leases
    -Cant manage port forwarding.
    -Cant deal with any firewall rules, inbound or outbound.

    Hopefully Im just missing them on the GUI. Having to reach for my phone every time I want to do something is not at all convenient

  • Also, there are some good stats and information on the LCD of the Alien. Having that duplicated on the web page and/or phone app would be awesome. My alien is hidden away so if I ever want to see that info it isnt easy.

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