Amplifi don’t show my Sonos en Android TV

  • I've had a network with a UAP-AC-LR for a while. Everything works fine. Also my Sonos and I can stream Youtube directly from my iPhone app with my Android TV. But because I want more range in my house, I bought an Amplifi Instant with an extra Meshpoint. Was quick to install with the Amplifi App. I could connect everything fine. It was necessary to turn off the 5 Ghz for my Netatmo camera, for example. But no matter what I try, I cannot see my Sonos music installation in my network (wired connected) and casting with my Android TV is also not possible. Two functions that I use a lot. I completely reset the Amplifi once and reconnected everything but without success for my Sonos and TV. What am I seeing over my head. Pay attention! I am not a technician who knows a lot about networking.

  • I found it.
    Set your Amplifi in the “bridge” mode and all works :-]

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