Teleport App Confirmed Working on Fire TV (unofficial)

  • Hello, I've seen a few posts requesting the Teleport app be made available for Amazon Fire TV devices. This is not officially supported but I used it for 5 days on a Fire Stick 4K over the Christmas holidays and it worked as well as it does on my Chromecast with Google TV. Once installed, operation is identical to app installed on Chromecast. On a related topic, I also have the actual Teleport hardware device and the app works substantially better, is faster than the hardware, and kept the connection consistently. I do not know why but good job to Amplifi team on the app development. But, I feel like I wasted $$ on the Teleport hardware now.

    Here's how I installed and got it working:

    1. In settings of Fire TV, select 'My Fire TV', then 'Developer Options'. In this section, enable 'install unknown apps'. Also enable 'ADB debugging'. I cannot say definitively that ADB debugging is required but I had some weirdness before I turned this on. Note that the exact labeling on your Fire device may differ. The above was pulled from 2nd Gen Fire Cube.

    2. Download the app 'Downloader' from Amazon app store.

    3. Open Downloader and search for 'Amplifi Teleport APK'. I downloaded a copy from a site called Expect a popup or two but you will be able to download.

    4. After download of the APK completes, installation should begin automatically. Follow the prompts, open the installed Teleport app, install VPN profile as instructed and begin using Teleport.

    5. Hopefully you are successful and you are working correctly. If you experience issues, I suggest restarting Fire device and try again. Happy to help if one experiences issues.

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