Failed ethernet port on Amplif HD

  • Amplifi HD main ethernet port has failed in a weird way. I have a 4 yr old amplifi HD router with 2 bundled meshpoints with an additional two amplifi HD standalone routers set as wired backhaul meshpoints. Over the last couple months my internet bandwidth was a fraction of what is was supposed to be, I replaced the cable between router and modem and that fixed it for a couple weeks but the problem came back. I swapped in one of the other routers and used it as my primary and everything is working again. I also observed the ethernet light on the modem flashed orange when connected to the old router and flashes green with the new router.

    I don't see any damage to the pins on the old router but something is definitely wrong with the ethernet connection. What stinks is the two meshpoints are now trash since they are paired to the old router. I can't even use the old router as a wired backhaul meshpoint since it says "bundled hardware can't be added to existing networks."

    My quesiton: is there any way to repair the ethernet port on the old router or salvage the perfectly fine meshpoints? It is an extreme pity that a bad ethernet port has doomed all components of this bundle.

  • I know it's a few months old topic, but I maybe have a solution if by "main ethernet port" you mean the WAN port. If so, and you are able to take apart the device, check the grounding pin on the rear top side of the shielding over the USB-A and WAN ports making contact with what's below that pin:

    0_1617971435900_Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 13.46.15.png

    After about 15 months mine started randomly but constantly popping up the "connect WAN cable" screen, and since making sure that the grounding pin is connected, it works fine.

    Update: this was only a temporary solution. Unfortunately it seems the underlying issue is different and may have nothing to do with that grounding pin.

    When taking apart the WAN port by removing the shield it looks like a manufacturing defect because the solder joints look like this:

    0_1629798480379_Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 11.42.41.png

    I tried resoldering them, but unfortunately it did not solve the issue itself and you cannot find a full WAN port assembly anywhere to completely replace it with a working part. And even then it may still be the same construction so the issue itself can resurface after a while.

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