Amplifi HD and Xbox one/Series X party chat

  • Hi guys,

    I recently got a 1Gb/s internet with virgin media (UK)

    I’ve enabled Hardware NAT as recommended and I’ve got an Xbox one X and Xbox series X and party chat and online gaming does not work with Hardware NAT is enabled.

    As soon as I turn it off it works fine. The problem is that with Hardware NAT enabled I get 1 Gb/s, whereas when I turn it off I get 380 mb/s which is quite a significant difference.

    My settings are
    IPv4 - as virgin media doesn’t support ipv6
    Upnp enabled
    Port forwarded all recommended Xbox ports and it says NAT type is open on the Xbox.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Yes. I have this same issue, but only if i connect my Xbox One wired. Wireless works fine. This issue has been around for a while now. Hopefully it will be fixed sometime.

  • Damn that sucks.

    Have Ubiquiti even addressed this issue?

    With more and more internet providers rolling out 1gb speed in the UK, this issue will become more and more prominent.

    Thinking about selling my Amplifi mesh if it’s not fixed, which sucks because it’s really good for most things :(.

  • Can also confirm same issue. Some days it works other days not. Turning off Hardware NAT solves the issue. Very annoying. Think Xbox is shutting down the P2P chat to server based party chat for the last months. Not sure if that have anything to do with that issue. It did start to happen the last 4-6 months. Can also be something changed in firmware in the same period. Before it was working without any issues with Hardware NAT enabled.

  • I also can confirm that Hardware NAT breaks Xbox Party chat if you're using Ethernet but it doesn't seem to break it over Wifi. Turning off Hardware NAT fixes Ethernet so it works.

  • @James-Hartig

    Yeah it works - but turning off the hardware NAT on Amplifi changes the speed my Xbox gets from 850mb to 300mb.

    Really hope this gets fixed soon.

  • I've also just found this out and to get my 1gig up and down I have hardware NAT on to get it, so super annoying that it breaks the Xbox party chat.... I haven't tried 3.4.4 firmware yet to say if it works on that or not yet.

  • @Im_paranoia

    3.4.4 does not fix the issue unfortunately.

  • @Tanwir-Jhetam have you also tried rolling back? I looked yesterday and I can roll back to 2.9.8 I believe

  • @Im_paranoia Nope, havent tried that.

    If you try it and it works can you please let me know.

    I can only roll back to 3.3.3 and I know it doesnt work on that.


  • Just to add my voice to this, I also get broken wired Xbox party chat with Hardware NAT enabled on my Amplifi "Gamers Edition" router. Switch if off and I'm suddenly able to connect to everything, problem solved, but speeds are limited. Why is this even a thing???

    Between this and other issues I've had (mesh points consistently connecting to the slowest source, speed issues only on a MacBook via mesh point, etc), I've got to say I'm incredibly disappointed in Ubiquiti/Amplifi kit. This is the most expensive router I've ever had, but it's also easily the most broken.

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