Add the VPN function for Major VPN Service Provider (NordVPN, VPNExpress)

  • Please add the VPN function which can integrate with the major VPN service provider, such as NordVPN and VPN Express?

    The following link is the integration of NordVPN:

  • Having WireGuard (or at very least OpenVPN) would be great- the support pages, here says

    The AmpliFi mesh system does not support any VPN software configurations on the router itself besides what AmpliFi Teleport offers. However, VPN software configured on your mobile devices or computers and not through the router itself should work on the AmpliFi network.

    Surely they realize that most people want network-wide VPN, as it's just not practical or sensible (and sometimes not even possible) to configure it on each and every device. I use PiVPN in the end, to connect to ProtonVPN, and then connected the Pi to the AmpliFi, but it's a bit of a clumsy work around

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