Help with Alien Signal strength

  • Happy New Year everybody
    I’ve had my Alien for approx 3 days now, and I’m having trouble with WiFi signal strength particularly in the 5ghz bands. Now I’ve been on this and other forums long enough to know that the 5ghz bands don’t travel as far, but I am seeing a drastic dip from my old EA9300. My layout is as follows:

    Home: 2000 sq ft single story ranch with a room over the garage. The walls are wood framed with Sheet rock and plaster and in my opinion are not very think.

    The Alien is located in the center of the house and approx 10ft from the living room (through 1 wall). I’m seeing signal strength in the 40’s. The stairs to my sons room are right across from the room where the Alien is and I would guess approx 20ft from the Alien and his XBox and iPhone are showing in the 20% signal strength range.

    I must be doing something wrong as I’ve read and seen a large number of reviews on this router and they rave about the range. Is there somewhere to increase signal power in the router setup?

    Currently my router is configured as follows:
    Router is performing DHCP
    Common SSID - off (using unique SSID’s for all bands)
    Band Steering - off
    Router Steering - off (only have 1 router)
    Security - wpa2
    WiFi 5 band - on
    Both WiFi 5 and 2.4 bands set to auto for channel selection, 5ghz band set to 80 MHz and the 2.4 is set to 20/40 MHz.
    UPNP- on
    Current firmware - 3.4.3 (which the router says is up to date)

  • Hi,
    I have pretty much the same setup as you’re describing on settings with mine.
    Did you happen to do a factory reset and redo your settings again?
    What speeds are you getting from your ISP?
    Are your wired speeds OK?
    How old is the construction on your house?

  • @Paul-Miller no, didn’t do a reset. One of the things I liked about this router was it’s stability and the lack of need to reset the router, but I can try it. House was built in 2000 so it’s not overly old. Haven’t done a lot of speed tests with the devices mentioned before, and I’m starting to think it’s a combination of both router and devices as things like my cell phone have pretty strong signal but devices like the Xbox, smart tv, and Amazon echos report much weaker signal.

  • Hey Stephen,
    I would try a full factory reset and set up your Alien again. What your experiencing isn't normal at all.
    I know it’s a pain in the a but sometimes that’s all it takes to clear up a lot of issues. If it doesn’t work I’d contact Amplifi about and maybe RMA it.

  • @Stephen-O-Connell Have you got the EU or the US version of the Alien? I have the EU one and was quite disappointed by its WiFi reach going by what the early reviews from the US version had suggested. I eventually needed to use a WiFi repeater to get anywhere near the coverage that I have had with the AmpliFi HD kit.

  • @Ali-Hadi I’m in the US so assume it’s the US version.

  • @Stephen-O-Connell

    Did you do a factory reset on your Alien?

  • @Paul-Miller not yet

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