help, we need product that can connect up to 100 user with more than 200 meter length space

  • Hello, we want to upgrade our WIFI Connection

    currently we are using three router, so it has three WIFI Connection, but it really is bad. our company is a retailer it only has one floor but its pretty huge length is more than 200 Meter, our sales use a smartphone to scan our product to get the current price and sell it to our customer, so when they walk around the store, WIFI might get disconnected and our sales to reconnect to another closer WIFI Router which is bad especially on rush hour

    • we have 50 people for our sales that use smart phone to connect to WIFI, 30 on weekday and fuil 50 on weekend, even worse when we do a Stock Opname all of our employee use the smart phone so it about 95 to 110 people connect at once.
    • it has a pretty big range, the length is more than 200 Meter, as for the width about 50 to 80 i think...
    • can the device do a restricted user, like if our sales connected it just get an IP to connect to our database, but does not have an internet connection but if back-office employee use the WIFI, it will have an internet connection. [we have a mikrotik too, if it does not possible for deco m5 only , can it be integrated with our mikrotik to do this ?]

    any device that can fulfill our requirement ? any advice is appreciated, thanks in advance

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