Parental Controls

  • I would like to have more features like most manufacturers, blocking sites, limiting time on the Internet for a group stc.
    I think many users who have a family need this.

  • I absolutely agree.

    I have recently purchased and installed two AmpliFi HD mesh routers in our house (linked them via LAN backbone) so now I have perfect coverage in the whole house and I can roam between the floors without losing connection and suffering with low signal issues. And yes, just as it is highlighted everywhere, I could set it up real quick Thanks, Ubiquity! 🙂 However, as a parent I've just faced some lack of parental controls. AmpliFi config only offers setting up some silent times, where network traffic is paused for given devices in a given time window, which is fine. But I could not find any option for domain filtering (black and/or whitelists), where I could enable/disable certain websites for the devices in the given profile. As one of my kids is coming to an age where it is getting more and more crucial it would be great to have the firmware enhanced with such feature. Pleeease! 🙂

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