Is there a plan for AmpliFi routers to get more advanced features in the future?

  • So I recently got the AmpliFi Alien, and it's fair to say that it's absolutely top notch in terms of out-of-the-box performance and ascetics (it is beautiful!). But where it really falls down is in terms of features.

    I've used DD-WRT for years, and the features I miss the most, and wish that AmpliFi had are: WireGuard/ OpenVPN support, customizable ad-blocking, Tor router, Dynamic DNS, NAS/ File system support, advanced bandwidth monitoring, parental controls, firewall controls, decent security controls, wake on LAN features, Captive Portal options (for guest net, like WiFiDog), power adjustments, QoS controls, Universal Plug and Play, advanced wireless access point configuration, overclocking, reverse proxy, load balancing, web server supprt, torrent support, internet access scheduling for groups, and of course WPA3

    In terms of management, the AmpliFi app is quite good, but again lacking in features. It's disappointing that there isn't decent HTTPS web administration interface. And of course, there's no API to manage settings programmatically, nor is it possible to SSH into the system. 😞

    Compared to most cheaper DD-WRT routers which have all the above features, gives the user full control over the system, comes with a comprehensive web management portal, and has many nice extras (such as Wiviz, Pound, RFlow, Kai, chillispot, Asterisk, Raduis, WireGuard etc), the AmpliFi systems are way behind.

    Does anyone know if new features will be developed in the future, and how often does it get major updates?
    Or is this intended to just be a dumb, but high powered access point?

  • At least being able to manage the system through a web UI would be a really good start. Using the app isn't at all practical for real-world use

  • @lissy93 One at a time Lissy. One at a time...

  • @Ali-Hadi No disrespect, but I personally think @UI-AmpliFi has had enough time for many of the features @lissy93 and others have requested since the launch of the Alien router. Some of the most basic features that are available on other competing routers are enabled and ready to access right out of the box. The Alien router on the other hand is lacking. Do not get me wrong, its a great product, but if you considered the horrible firmware updates that were released within the past year...many users would certainly explain their frustrations, especially during this time where the dependency for wireless connection for work and school has become critical.