Amplifi Router & Arris Modem

  • Hello all & thanks in advance for any assistance.

    I have an Amplifi router with two mesh points and it's connected to an Arris Surfboard modem. The two have been working harmoniously together for well over a year but last night an IPv4 error began to pop up. I searched the forums and have performed a full reboot for both devices (in the recommended order) but the Amplifi router continues to pop an error every few hours, which prompts another reboot.
    My ISP is Cox. No known outages (they always say that though). The Arris modem did reboot itself over the weekend (maybe yesterday) so I'm wondering but the router reconnected right away.
    Bridging also isn't an option as the modem is just a modem.
    Any ideas on what I might be able to do to resolve the issue? My next step is to request a refresh on the ISP connection from Cox.

  • HI, I had the same problem 2 years ok. Im on cox also and my personal Arris modem died and killed my HD router it swamped out the wifi and killed my system. I used my speed and I went to Cox and they gave me a new modem that does phone and 300/30. I'm Phoenix area and there was no rental on the modem. One modem does internet and Cox phone.

    I would just get rid of the Arris.

  • @James-Catto and @Aclapp, I'm wondering if either of you know whether your possibly cable-modem related problems can be attributed to their supposedly defective Intel Puma6 chipset. What I've read about this elsewhere is that the modem sometimes produces long latency intervals that can cause internet disconnects or interruptions, but I've not read of instances where the modem actually damaged a customer-owned router.

    In my case, my Alien is now sitting, unpowered, rather like a monolith in the desert, towering over its predecessor (an Apple Time Capsule 802.11ac). Whereas when we ran off the Alien we suffered from disconnects erratically but frequently, we've had NONE since I returned to using the Apple router. I'm waiting for the next release of Alien firmware to try running from the AmpliFi modem again.

  • Hi I don't about the internal chip set performance. I had an older telephone modem from Cox I asked them if I could use the internet port on the modem. When the Arris failed. I had to get a new modem because the phone modem was obsolete. I was using both the phone and Arris one for each service. I was using my HD at the time foe my router. With the new modem from Cox deep fixed the Arris everything was fine with my HD. I decided to buy the Alien when it came out new and it works fine. I running 17 EOT here. I have 6 devices on 2.4 which includes one LIFIX build on home kit. I have 300/30 here never a hick up, speeds are where they are supposed to be. My WIFI calling works perfect. My phone can send music to my stereo and make and receive. calls at the same time no problem. I no this isn't much help it diagnosing problem but this my experience.

  • @James-Catto. I grew up on the UP Michigan-Wisconsin border. I don't have a triangular cheese hat, but the only NFL game I've ever attended was while home from college in New England for Christmas vacation. On a bright sunny day in Green Bay, with temperatures < 10°F, I sat on the 40 yard line and watched the Pack demolish an opponent I don't remember, with Bart Starr tossing 5 TD passes. Back in those days there were no huge salaries, and even NFL All-Stars from Green Bay kept in shape by traveling around Northern Wisconsin and the UP playing paid-performance basketball games in National Guard Armories against former local high-school stars. One of the highlights of my young life was visiting the "facilities" at halftime and standing in the midstream iteration of 3 urinals with my "wide expellers" being Bart Starr and Ray Nitschke. I may be uncertain about God, but I worship Aaron Rogers.

    So, you can imagine my dismay yesterday afternoon while cursed by repetitive recursive cursor freezes of the 4K video stream during the Pack vs. Rams divisional championship game. This with my AmpliFi Alien on the "disabled" list and my "retired" Apple Airport Time Capsule (last gen 802.11ac) substituting as DHCP quarterback. My plans had been to await the 4.5 release firmware before calling up the Alien from injured reserve, but yesterday's experience convinced me that I couldn't blame AmpliFi as the sole weak link in my bitstream.

    I began to wonder if perhaps YouTube TV (my streaming provider) might be the culprit, and during those episodic frozen cursor time outs I managed to do a bit of web searching and discovered that might be "a thing." However, that was proven NOT to be the cause of MY electronic illness last evening when we tried to watch Tom Hanks's latest movie (News of the World) courtesy of iTunes movies. My streaming box is Apple's current generation Apple TV 4k.

    Now, if I had statuary in my home, Mr. Hanks would be seated at the right hand of Aaron, and (even more important) my spouse, for whom 12 applies to number-of-eggs-you-buy-at-once, not the GOAT quarterback, has just as exalted an opinion of Mr. Hanks as I do. I think either of us would pay to watch him brush his teeth or help an elderly senior citizen how to understand rebooting her router, so when that damned recursive circle began interrupting Tom's attempts to learn Kiowa from an 8 year old, we were VERY motivated to intervene. (Noting, of course, that the very fact that it interrupted an Apple-dispensed, Apple-received movie seemed to exonerate YouTube TV from responsibility.

    So, I powered off BOTH the Arris Surfboard AND the Apple router, rebooted the modem, then the router in sequence, and the circles continued! (Other client devices still happy with their internet connections). My non-techie wife accosted me, (not quite) screaming "reboot the damned streaming box" and for now, that's resolved the issue. The Arris modem isn't yet acquitted, so I'm wondering if you could tell me what modem brings you your internet signals now.

    We do have another TV that doesn't use an Apple TV to handle streamed content, so we'll watch the battle of the 43 yo quarterbacks (sorry, make that I'LL watch that contest-my wife couldn't care about two old almost-hunks tossing a ball around) on our Sony 4K TV-sans-streaming box to see if we should be assaulting Cupertino vs. purchasing a new cable modem vs. hanging our hopes on Alien firmware 3.5.0.

    Thanks so much.

  • @jsrnephdoc Sorry about all of your problems. I have all the same devices I don't have You Tube TV I have Sling.

    All on apple 4k . All works good here. My old modem was the Surfboard that caused my wifi to quit. When I decided to up speed to 300/30 Cox gave me a new modem and it is an Arris model TM3402A P/N TMo2DAF3402 that feeds my Alien along with Cox internet phone. I'm on 3.4.3 I never have had any hiccup I don't use Beta software until it is ready for prime time. I stream Sirius XM all day most days and I haven't had any problem with regular You Tube or Sling we watched a movie on Netflix no problem on anything. My phone can make wifi calls while streaming music to my stereo. ,
    My experience is not much help to you this is my experience I get the speeds I'm paying for I currently have my Mac Pro on wifi with the Alien and I get over 310 and anywhere fro 25 to 45 on upload. Most times upload is 34. I know it is frustrating when some thing doesn't work. Trying to sort out cascading parameters everything in spec but doesn't work together. We Good Luck.

  • @James-Catto, thanks so much. I'll look up what chipset is in that Arris modem.

  • Thanks for the responses. I was able to resolve the issues by forcing the Amplifi router to static channels. I haven't had issues since. 🙂

  • @Aclapp FWIW, a web search for problems with cable modems with the flawed intel chipsets at the following URL:

    Includes your modem. I don't need a telephony modem, and it appears your particular model is only provided by Cox, but I'll avoid it nevertheless.

    Actually, it seems I have more than one issue. When I was using my AmpliFi Alien, most of the recursive cursor streaming video freezes were accompanied by "no internet; no IP address" messages on my Alien router's screen. When I took the Alien offline and reinstalled my Apple Time Capsule, the issues disappeared for a few weeks, then reappeared with increasing frequency, but WITHOUT other network issues. Rebooting my cable modem and Time Capsule didn't help, but what did was power cycling my 4K Apple TV streaming box.

    The Alien has a much better signal broadcasting range in my house (the drop-off in Speedtest runs between laptop 10 feet away from router (averages 400-460 mbits/sec DL when I'm paying Spectrum for 400 mbits/sec service to 65-75 mbits/sec when the laptop is upstairs is dramatically worse than when I was using the Alien (DL rates to the upstairs laptop still pretty consistently > 300 mbits/sec), so as soon as Ubiquiti releases firmware 3.5.0 I'll reinstall the Alien and monitor things.

    If streaming problems pop up again but NOT triggered by the Alien dropping my internet connection, my next test will to turn on BOTH of my 4K TVs to see if problems occur ONLY on the LG TV where my apps are loaded on the Apple TV, wherea they're loaded onto my Sony Smart 4K smart TV without an intervening streaming box. And, as a final test, if the "no internet no IP address" issues on the Alien still recur, I'll purchase a broadcom-based Netgear CM1100.

    Thanks again for your help.

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