Ultimate Distance between Router and mesh points (app info)

  • I know this has been discussed before, but I am not sure there has been a definitive statement as to how router and mesh points should be setup in a best case scenario.
    Understanding the concept of 'not too close, not too far' - the app itself seems to be fairly useless in determining best distance and location.
    For example: A number of users seem to think (and it seems logical) that having "Good, 100%" connectivity for the mesh points (at 5Ghz) means they are optimally placed. Still others are convinced that good at 60% or so is better. Clearly placing these too close together defeats the purpose and will create overlap (not good - even though the Amplifi wisely tries to use different channels for the 2.4Ghz network). Too far - and you are affecting throughput (and, and some have experienced, odd disconnected of the mesh points requiring a reboot, even though they showed in the 80 percentile before).

    So, long story short 🙂 - Shouldn't there be a better way to truly measure - or at least understand which percentage and settings means optimal placement?


  • There is no single simple rule for mesh point placement. Users have different needs.

    1. Those having high-speed Internet connection may want to achieve higher Wi-Fi speed too. For higher speed, better signal between mesh point and router is needed. This is where 100% is good.

    2. Owners of large homes or other premises may want as much area covered by Wi-Fi as possible, while high connection speed is not essential. In this case, mesh points may be placed at longer distance from main router, lower signal levels are perfectly acceptable.

    3. Another popular use case - some customers use mesh point to work around corners or other obstacles, where client device cannot connect to main router directly. In this case, mesh point should be placed in any convenient location within radio visibility range of both main router and client device location, regardless signal level indicated by App.

    4. Finally, smaller apartments usually do not require mesh point installation at all. Actually disconnecting them may improve Wi-Fi performance. Standalone Amplifi router is a better choice.

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