Alien UK - Thought it was illegal to sell EU 2-pin devices to the UK without a moulded UK Plug?

  • OK so the UK may be out of the EU now but I purchased 3 Alien units at the back end of last year and was very surprised that they only came with 2 pin EU plugs.

    My understanding was that other than electric shavers or toothbrushes, all electrical devices must be fitted with a molded UK 3-pin plug. Supplying an adaptor is not acceptable - not that any of the 3 I bought from direct from the Ubiquiti store came with an adaptor anyway.

    So I used my own and one of the adaptors blew and burnt the socket. Probably a faulty adaptor but exactly why this law (if it is) exists. Luckily the Aline seems to be OK, unlike my office socket and surround which needs a bit of decoration.

    Haven't raised this with Ubiquiti officially yet but any advice or thoughts welcome - and I certainly think we should have UK plugs if they are officially selling them here.

  • @Joe-Johal Hello, Joe. We have officially launched the AmpliFi Alien EU (with EU plug). An official UK version is not available. We will release AU and UK versions with correct power plugs later this year.
    We apologies for any inconvenience.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Thank you for taking the time to reply.

    But you are actively selling this to UK customers from your store with a EU plug. Will you supply customers like me with an official UK plug designed for the Alien for their units once available.

  • @Joe-Johal I don't have such information. But once UK version will be available you can contact our RMA center and ask this question.

  • I bought 2 for the UK from the EU store which like you say comes with the EU plug, i just purchased 2 IEC C7 cables from amazon rather than a clunky adapter, works fine.

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