Add an option to sleep the display while keeping led base light on

  • Currently the options for the screen are pretty binary. Either on or off with brightness levels on between. I noticed though that in night mode, the screen wakes up when a hand approaches. I'd like an option to have that function accessible separate from night mode. Where i can just keep the led base light on at all times (or maybe keep night mode for that) and then separately opt for the screen to be unless approached or tapped.

  • Sounds like a good idea to me!
    Personally I have just turned night mode off, turned the display off, and turned the LED to minimum. I like having the LED on just to let me know the device is on. But I rarely use the display at all.
    But this idea would work maybe even better. As it would let me keep the LED at minimum, but I could just tap the display if I wanted to see it.

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