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  • The App is really very good and simple to use. I also love to have the Option to manage some things that easy. BUT in some cases it ist really mich easier and better to have a full web user interface.

    I do Unverstand that this product is desigend as a simpel to setup „Plug‘n‘Play“ device but it would be better to give some more Pro adjustments via web UI to those who want to have it.

    Proposal is to ask during first setup via App if users would like to activate pro Profile with a full web GUI and additional administrative tools (e.g. Vlan / IP settings and so on).

    By the way, i bought this Router because the cable Router i got from my ISP Hand very big WLan Problems and Home Office wasn‘t possible. Now I‘m perfectly satisfeyd. The WLAN Performance is absolut great.

  • The Alien seem more targeted for the phone user than the computer user. And as most people today are phone users, I guess that makes sense.

    But I too would rather have a good web interface to control the router.

  • @bleagh
    Yes I know the target group. And as I said the App is Great. Nevertheless they could ein a lot more Customer Firma they give you the Option to chose during first setup in you would like to have the Web GUI with advanced options Ort not.

  • This post is deleted!

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