App spins on Please wait...Looking for AMPLIFI devices

  • Hadn't logged into the app for a few months and since then of course iOS has been upgraded to version 14.3, and logged back in only to find the app unable to find device.

    I tried a factory reset, and also deleted app and redownloaded. Last thing I tried is to roll back the firmware because I did an update from the main box (not using the app) for the last firmware update.

    I am still unable to connect through the app but I can go into the barebones web interface fine.

    What else to try?

    Again, I didn't have any issues with the app all this time, only something after the firmware upgrade and iOS14 update.

  • @J-Social it’s a new iOS thing. Open Settings, find AMPLIFI, and make sure the app has “Local Network” allowed.

    Also, I would recommend that you configure “Remote Management” in the app itself.


  • @nigelboid Thank you! That worked!

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