API Access

  • Please expose the Amplifi Instant's API. I want to programatically pause devices (for example). The setup and management UI is great, but I want fine-grain control over the devices on my network.

    If this functionality already exists, please let me know how to access it and what the API definitions are.


  • Was just playing with this and I came to the conclusion that this should TOTOALLY be doable if it doesn't already exist.

    I can use the app on my phone, with the WiFi turned off, and still control the mesh routers. If there wasn't some sort of interface, I would only be able to do this if I were on the local network.

    So, how does the amplifi site talk to my router and how do I expose that interface on my internal network?

    I little perplexed by how this works unless the mesh router has a standing connection with the amplifi cloud service... any unsubstantiated connections in bound should be blocked so I wouldn't be able to hit my mesh when I do something in the app unless the mesh was already talking to the cloud...

    Please clarify and advise. Thanks!

  • It's a reasonable request, but if they haven't done this by now they never will. I'm pretty disappointed over time with these... the AmpliFi hardware is high horsepower so I expected they would support it much longer than they actually have.

    Get yourself a second router on OpenWRT and connect just the devices you want to pause, to that and put the whole thing behind the Amplifi of course. Long term you'll probably want to assemble a router and AP separately and forget the idea of a consumer Amplifi.

    I get that's not what you want, but if your goal is required that's the only way,

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