API Access

  • Please expose the Amplifi Instant's API. I want to programatically pause devices (for example). The setup and management UI is great, but I want fine-grain control over the devices on my network.

    If this functionality already exists, please let me know how to access it and what the API definitions are.


  • Was just playing with this and I came to the conclusion that this should TOTOALLY be doable if it doesn't already exist.

    I can use the app on my phone, with the WiFi turned off, and still control the mesh routers. If there wasn't some sort of interface, I would only be able to do this if I were on the local network.

    So, how does the amplifi site talk to my router and how do I expose that interface on my internal network?

    I little perplexed by how this works unless the mesh router has a standing connection with the amplifi cloud service... any unsubstantiated connections in bound should be blocked so I wouldn't be able to hit my mesh when I do something in the app unless the mesh was already talking to the cloud...

    Please clarify and advise. Thanks!

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