Unable to cast from Oculus Quest 2 to Chromecast Ultra or Nvidia Shield TV

  • Both my Chromecast Ultra and Nvidia Shield TV Pro are on wired Ethernet. I recently purchased Oculus Quest 2, and after setting it up I can't cast from it to either of those devices. They don't show up as casting targets at all.

    Quest 2 is connected wirelessly to the Amplifi HD base (no mesh points.) HD is running the 3.4.3 Beta firmware in Bridge mode, and is connected via Ethernet to my main router. I don't have any issues casting from wired devices like my Windows 10 PC. However, another Windows 10 laptop that's also connected wirelessly to Amplifi HD is also experiencing issues casting. This makes me think that Amplifi HD is at fault. Are there any settings that I should check?

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